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Heat as a Service is helping businesses lower their energy bills and lower their emissions. But what is it and how does it work?


In November this year, COP26 had the world buzzing about making real changes, making a difference, stamping out the use of fossil fuels and making our businesses and our planet carbon neutral.


Is it a case of ‘heard it all before’ ‘Blah blah blah’ or are their actual changes taking place in our companies today? There was much talk over the 10 days about fossil fuels, emissions targets and carbon neutrality. This is a global challenge that cannot be solved overnight, it will take time and determination by all.


But the overriding sentiment from the event in Glasgow was that we need to act now. Individuals, small companies, large organisations must all make real efforts to make changes to how they do business today.


And so, exploring greener alternatives for our energy sources and production has never been more important.  With some innovative companies hitting the market, solutions may be closer than we think.


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