Green HaaS

Green Haas take Wicklow Wolf
Brewery on a journey

Simon Lynch and Quincey Fennelly are the passionate founders behind Wicklow Wolf Brewery and they have a very simple mission for their independent business…

“To brew exceptional beers without compromise and with true passion. To be at one with nature, brewing beer in a sustainable way.”


That mission was the foundation for our work with this independent brewery in Newtown Mount Kennedy, Co. Wicklow and the start of a great relationship with the Green Haas Team.


Straight away, we understood that everything Wicklow Wolf were already doing was in harmony with nature. Yes, they wanted to work with the best technology to help them brew their beer in the most sustainable way, but being environmentally efficient meant everything.


Our journey began with a visit to Wicklow Wolf Brewery to view their current operation.


“We asked Green Haas to come in and help us on to the next stage on our carbon elimination process over the coming years. We do everything with nature. We need that to be reflected in our operations and in our business and we knew that Green Haas could help us to do that.” Quincy Fennelly:

The first phase of the work with Wicklow Wolf has started and the initial technology going in will decarbonise the business by 80%.


Solar panels are being installed on the roof of the brewery, which will generate electricity that feeds into the existing electrical network. In tandem with this, heat pump technology is also being installed


Green Haas CEO Tom Marren says:

“It’s a journey. This project is one of many that we will be working on together with Wicklow Wolf. Our aim over the next 3-4 years is to make them completely decarbonised.”


And for Quincy and the Wicklow Wolf Team:

“People can drink our beer in pubs, restaurants or in their own homes, knowing that it has been produced with nature, the most sustainable way possible.”

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