Green HaaS


Traditionally, businesses who require hot water, steam, or
space heating, first needed to procure and install capital
intensive equipment (boilers) and then procure fossil fuels
on a monthly basis (gas, LPG, oil) from a supplier which is
burned in the boiler to produce heat.
This plant and equipment also incur an ongoing operation
and maintenance cost. This traditional method results in
significant carbon emissions.


Green HaaS offers businesses a zero capital, hassle
free solution to dramatically reduce carbon
emissions. Green HaaS, through smart and proven
technology, will supply heat (hot water, heating,
steam) to your business without the need for fossil
Rather than traditionally buying fuel and
converting to heat, Green HaaS sells you the heat
you require directly as a service.

Green HaaS System is 4 times more efficient than fossil fuel boilers


We gather your information, spec our GreenHaaS system to suit your needs, and issue proposal/contract

We supply and install our GreenHaaS system, with zero capex from you and no disruption to your business

We meter the green heat we supply to your business and invoice you monthly, no different than any other utility bill

We will continually manage, maintain and optimise our System to maximise the efficiency and carbon savings

We will give you constant visibility on your carbon and energy savings

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