Green HaaS

Solar PV

How it Works

Green HaaS will supply and install a Roof Top or Ground Mounted
Solar Photovoltaic System
Capex can be fully funded by Green HaaS with flexible terms and
pricing options
The Solar PV system can be sold at an upfront full turnkey
installation price.
Electricity can be supplied at prices as low as 10c/kWh
Delivers up to 50% reduction on the current tariff
Green HaaS will continue to optimise and identify further carbon/
cost saving opportunities


We gather your information, spec our GreenHaaS system to suit your needs, and issue proposal/contract

We supply and install our GreenHaaS system, with zero capex from you and no disruption to your business

We meter the green heat we supply to your business and invoice you monthly, no different than any other utility bill

We will continually manage, maintain and optimise our System to maximise the efficiency and carbon savings

We will give you constant visibility on your carbon and energy savings

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