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Eleanor and Tom met as Entrepreneurs of the Year. They both have a passion and commitment for reducing carbon emissions for the planet and using disruptive business technologies to enable positive change for businesses. They are both committed to bringing their combined business and energy expertise to Green HaaS and working together with you to make your business more efficient and reducing your carbon footprint.



A seasoned Entrepreneur who has successfully built businesses in various sectors including: Pembroke Distributors (a food/vending company sold in 2001) Phonecard Warehouse (a supplier to the mobile phone industry turned €50m before it was sold in 2006) and Budget Energy (the first independent supplier in the electricity market in 2010 was sold to FloGAS in 2019). Eleanor was a finalist in the EoY Entrepreneur of the year in both 2004 and 2013. She is a Board Member of The Ernst & Young Almuni and was also a “dragon” on RTE’s Dragons Den. More recently she was appointed as the Entrepreneurial Ambassador for Northern Ireland. Eleanor is passionate about being involved in projects that change how we live and now works to protect our environment and secure the future of our Planet. “The Greatest Threat to our Planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”



Founder and owner of CES Energy in Ireland, Cogent Energy in Australia, ESDM in Saudi Arabia. He has a passion for acceleration of energy efficiency and carbon reduction technologies and solutions into business. As an engineer, he is very focused on delivering the optimum technical and commercial solutions for customers. Tom has acted as energy adviser at board level for some major international companies. He is a former E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and believes innovation in business service solutions has a key role in the decarbonisation journey”

As the old Greek phase goes “Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit under”… let’s business leaders start planting those trees by taking a longer perspective on our decision!


Sales & Marketing Director


We gather your information, spec our GreenHaaS system to suit your needs, and issue proposal/contract

We supply and install our GreenHaaS system, with zero capex from you and no disruption to your business

We meter the green heat we supply to your business and invoice you monthly, no different than any other utility bill

We will continually manage, maintain and optimise our System to maximise the efficiency and carbon savings

We will give you constant visibility on your carbon and energy savings

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